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4 Reasons Couples Spend So Much On Weddings

4th November 2021

Chances are, you personally know someone or have heard of someone else who has spent ungodly amounts of money on their big day. You probably belong in one of two categories: “It’s their big day, and it needs to be one to remember!” Or, “That’s extortionate and completely over-the-top.” Whichever box you sit in, there’s no denying that people are spending more on weddings than ever before.

So, if you’re intrigued as to why, here are 4 reasons people are opting for the pricier option, and if that’s not for you, we have alternatives too.

1. Social media pressure

Social media pressure is one of the most common reasons why couples feel they have to go above and beyond on their wedding day. With social media playing a massive part in millions of people’s lives, the luxurious and “perfect” wedding scenes poured over Instagram are almost inescapable. To some couples, these images are everything and more, and if their wedding doesn’t look the same, it’s just not as special.

This vast social media takeover can sometimes obscure the true meaning of a wedding, and diminish the value of two people wanting to be connected simply for love. This can result in couples spending much more money than they intended to, simply to make their wedding more “Instagrammable”.

2. The ‘Wedding Tax’

If you’ve ever heard the phrases “wedding tax” or “wedding markup”, you’ll know that it is the tax given by vendors. For those who are unaware of this, it’s the increase of venue prices just because you’re hiring for a wedding.

For other events such as birthdays and anniversaries, vendors tend to lower the prices significantly. However, when the word wedding is attached to the inquiry, the price skyrockets. While weddings are naturally more expensive than the other events listed, there is usually an extortionate price difference between the two.

With this being said, with a wedding tax, venues tend to charge more because of the speciality of the event. The level of service is incomparably higher, expectations are naturally much more, and the event is planned over a much longer course of time resulting in more expenditure.

3. Big guest lists

Naturally, the more people you invite to a wedding, the more expensive it will be. With more heads to feed, a larger venue to accommodate and more people to entertain, this can be a big reason as to why weddings can increase in price.

These days, couples tend to have larger social circles, extended families, work colleagues, and an array of other people they feel the need to invite. Many people also dream of big weddings with hundreds of people there to celebrate their big day. While it’s obvious that this will come at a substantial price, lots of couples overlook it, as to them, having everyone they want at their wedding is worth the extra cost.

4. Wedding planners

Many couples are now hiring professional vendors and wedding planners to help make their perfect day a reality. Whether this is due to social media pressure or not, hiring this professional help can increase the cost of a wedding exponentially. However, to some people, this extra cost is well worth spending due to the precise and detailed planning, and the impeccable execution on the big day.

On average, most UK wedding planners charge between 10-15% of your whole budget, plus a minimum fee. There are also three main services that planners can offer you which are:

  • Partial wedding plan
  • Full wedding plan
  • Wedding day management

All three services are priced accordingly and are worth the extra money for brides and grooms who want a streamlined, perfect wedding day with none of the hassle.


If you’re looking for a way to get hitched without breaking the bank, then there are a variety of ways to do this, including:

1. Set a budget

Setting a budget is one thing, but sticking to it is another. A wedding requires a lot of planning, and there may be some extra costs that you weren’t prepared for. Take some time to look through the list of costs, and ask yourself whether some aspects are worth the money. Prioritising is key, and will help you to achieve your perfect wedding without spending a fortune.

2. Avoid peak wedding dates

Choosing a popular date to get hitched will definitely increase the cost of every aspect of your wedding. To prevent these increases, avoid dates such as bank holidays, Valentine’s weekend, the peak of summer, and Saturdays if your budget is lower.

Instead, opt for a winter wedding because the demand for entertainment and venues is much lower during these months. Not only will you get more for your money, but it will also provide a magical, winter wonderland setting for your big day.

3. Compare prices and quotes

If you’re serious about reducing the cost of your wedding, shopping around online and comparing prices and quotes is a great way to make savings. From venues and dresses to catering and transportation, the internet is a vast place, so spending a little extra time searching for deals will be worth it in the end.

Whether you go big and have the Instagram wedding of your dreams, or have a small and simple affair that means the world, there are no judgements here. Your wedding day is about you and your partner - no one else, so it’s up to you how you plan it.

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