Washing machine
Washing machine

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Washing Machine

1st November 2023

Choosing a washing machine these days is a bit like scrolling through a menu with seemingly endless options. All these options bring a variety of questions, too. Whether to go for a freestanding or an integrated washing machine? What about the energy efficiency of the washing machine?

But if all this seems a bit overwhelming then don’t worry, because, in this blog, we'll give you some hints and tips on how to choose the washing machine that suits you the best. Let’s start by looking at the various types of washing machines available to choose from.

Freestanding Washing Machine

As the name suggests, this machine can stand anywhere with a proper connection.

You can place it in your kitchen, stack it somewhere or have it in your utility room. There are numerous models of freestanding machines available to suit different budgets.

Currys estimates the freestanding washing machines to be priced from £219 - £2,149 depending upon the load size, brand and functionality.

Integrated Washing Machine

Integrated washing machines sit behind a cupboard door in a fitted kitchen. These are great if you don’t want your washing machine on display. Because they are designed to fit into your kitchen they have some key differences from freestanding washing machines, you would usually choose to have an integrated washing machine when fitting your kitchen.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an integrated machine is the size and making sure that it will fit the space you want to place it.

Currys estimates integrated washing machines to be priced between £319 to £1,568 depending on the load size, brand and functionality.

Don’t forget that with both integrated and freestanding machines you may also need to factor in the cost of installation, and disposal of your old machine, if you are unable to do this yourself.

Features of a Washing Machine

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something you should consider when choosing your machine. All the machines in the market are rated from A to G on energy efficiency. Washing machines rated A are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient.

In fact, ‘In the Wash’, a UK-based publication focused on cleaning and laundry insights, looked at 20 of the most popular washing machines in the UK to calculate the average amount of electricity used per cycle.

The table below gives you an indication of the average cost of running different energy-efficient machines, from their research:

Washing Machine Rating

Per Cycle Energy Costs











Depending on how much washing you do choosing a better energy-efficient machine could save you some money in the long run. As per their research- if you are using your washing machine 220 times a year, it will cost:

  • A-rated washing machine: Less than £45 in energy costs per year.
  • D-rated washing machine: Greater than £60 in energy costs per year.

Spin Speed

The spin speed is basically how fast the drum rotates, usually from 1200 rpm to 1600 rpm. A higher rpm might mean that your washing will dry quicker as it will remove more of the moisture. Yet whilst higher rpm may be optimal, some fabrics, like wool, need greater care, and therefore a higher rpm can harm them. So, it's more about the material you deal with on a daily basis.

Load Size

Load size means the weight of dry clothes you do in one laundry run. On average this is about:

  • 6-7 kg for two people,
  • 8 kg for a small family,
  • More than 9 kg for a large family.

When it comes to considering which machine to choose, load size is a crucial factor. Buy the new washing machine according to your requirements. Check the load size suits your circumstances as overfilling the machine is not advisable.

Quiet Working Washing Machines

Noisy washing machines are out of trend right now. Keep in mind, that the spin cycle noise will always be louder than the wash one, but it is important to keep your eye out to get a general idea of how loud it will sound in general.

Smart Washing

Washing machines that can operate with a mobile application are now a thing! Your phone can now act as a remote meaning, as long as you’ve preloaded it, you can operate it from anywhere.

These tech-friendly machines can cost anywhere from £700 and £1,000, so if you’re shopping on a budget, then these more technologically complex washing machines might not be the ones for you.

Overall, when it comes to choosing a washing machine, there are many options out there. The best choice for you depends on your specific needs and how you plan to use it. Considering all the factors discussed can help you in making the decision that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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