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How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

19th November 2021

Black Friday is one of the biggest and best shopping events in the retail calendar. Once a US event, it’s now grown in popularity across physical and online stores in the UK - each year getting bigger and bigger. Designed to be the day after Thanksgiving, it’s well-loved for being right in time for Christmas, helping you kick off your Christmas shopping with fantastic deals.

When is Black Friday in the UK?

In 2021, Black Friday is on the 26th of November. However, not only are deals available on the Friday, but often retailers continue throughout the weekend, ending with Cyber Monday deals for all your digital goodies.

Many retailers, however, are kicking off their sales early. Amazon, as usual, is ahead of the game with their Early Black Friday Deals. This year, Very and AO aren’t far behind with their own early deals. This is great if you want an extra head start on holiday shopping online for Christmas gifts.

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The Best Black Friday Deals

The best deals, naturally, change every year and Amazon’s Prime Day earlier in the year often gives us a good idea of what to expect this time around, especially for Amazon’s Black Friday deals which always deliver a great variety. As a general tip, look out for deals on the latest tech, gadgets, white goods and beauty products as these tend to have the best sales each year.

This year, we’ve seen tons of new tech releases from the iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6 Pro to the Nintendo Switch OLED and the latest Kindle Paperwhite. That means you should keep your eyes peeled for big discounts on their now-outdated predecessors and any brand-new bundles including the new releases.

Here are the spaces we recommend you watch:

Mobile phones

Whether you’re tempted by all the new releases or it’s simply necessary to replace an older model, Black Friday makes it easier to upgrade the technology we use every day. The big one is, of course, mobile phones especially with the iPhone 13 out. Apple often does its own Black Friday sales, you can usually find even better ones elsewhere if you look hard enough. Contract providers also have sales on their pay monthly options if you’re not looking to buy outright.

Laptops & other devices

Laptops are another typically essential purchase that’s rarely a comfortable purchase, Black Friday, however, has tons on offer across all brands including MacBooks and Chromebooks. You’re also likely to find fitness trackers, smartwatches and wireless headphones on sale. For readers, with Amazon recently releasing three updated versions of the Kindle Paperwhite, you may be able to pick up the earlier models for a bargain.

Smart home additions

Black Friday sales are the perfect time to get your home decked out in the latest Smart Home technology, ready to impress your extended family at Christmas. Amazon is always slashing the prices of their own tech, and if you don’t have one, the Echo Dot is a great place to start upgrading your home as it’s often heavily discounted. Or, you could upgrade to an Echo Show with its smart display. Alternatively, Google Home is likely to make the list too. Also, watch out for smart security devices like Ring doorbells and Amazon Blink security cameras.


Nothing quite upgrades your home like a new mattress, especially in the winter months where all you want is to be cosy. If your current mattress is at the end of its lifespan, or you simply want to indulge in something better, you’re in luck as mattresses are gaining Black Friday popularity. Popular brands include Emma, Simba and Eve who have discounted their mattresses by up to 40% in previous years.


Thinking of Black Friday, TVs often come to mind with visions of shoppers fighting ruthlessly for the best ones. The two are practically synonymous with each other. With the world changing, all those same great deals can be found online. Now might be the perfect time to pick up an OLED TV or get a 4K TV before the 8K becomes affordable. Add-on accessories like soundbars are also usually worth picking up at a reduced price at places like Currys.

Video games & consoles

With the Nintendo Switch OLED out this year, you may be able to find some good deals and bundles for the Switch and Switch Lite. With the demand high and many still unable to pick up a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you shouldn’t expect any deals, unfortunately, but who knows, there may be restocks in time for the big day. You’ll still be able to pick up deals on PS4, Xbox One and Switch games, so be sure to check in with Game, Argos, Amazon and the console’s own digital stores.

Home appliances

Home appliances are another great buy during Black Friday. You can often pick up washing machines, dryers, fridges and dishwashers as well as smaller kitchen appliances at a reasonable price. If there is something you need, and it’s usually a large purchase, you’ll definitely want to set up alerts and keep researching when it’s time.

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How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

It may sound silly, but it’s a good idea to have a solid strategy in place for Black Friday as competition can be fierce for the better deals. Often it can be a hectic day, even if you are only buying online, made even more stressful for those working and unable to access a computer. Thankfully, that’s what phones and apps are for. In the end, though, it’ll probably be worth it.

Tip 1: Download apps & make accounts

To make buying easier, download apps for all your favourite stores or the ones you expect to have the best deals - this means you can shop on the go, never missing out. You should also make an account on these websites with all your details ready to go for super quick checking out. John Lewis are encouraging shoppers to download the John Lewis app and create their own online wishlist in preparation for the big day.

Here are a few websites you should keep an eye on:

Tip 2: Do your research

If you have a wishlist, start your research early on each of these products to find the lowest price. This means when you see a deal, you’ll know exactly how good it is compared to how much it is elsewhere. Many discounts can be misleading, trying to get you to buy from them, despite the competition having it at a better price all year-round. You should also check out the returns policy for these stores, especially when buying clothes.

Tip 3: Leave the house with a plan

If you’re hitting the sales in person this year, you should absolutely know what you want before you ever step outside. Impulse buying usually only brings unwanted purchases that will take up precious space in your home and money in your wallet. Make a list and stick to it. Oh, and leave the kids at home if you can or else you’ll be “convinced” to buy more than you planned.

Tip 4: Follow your favourite stores online

Stay up-to-date on what your favourite shops are offering by subscribing to their newsletters for the latest news. Most online retailers do actually have a newsletter, and if you don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe after. You should also follow the store’s social media as often they’ll showcase their best deals on these platforms first for loyal customers.

Tip 5: Check for discount codes

Just because everything is already having it’s prices slashed, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get it even cheaper. Keep an eye out for coupon codes that you can combine with your existing savings to see if you can pick up something for an absolute steal.

Tip 6: Keep your wits about you

Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Remember, at the end of the day, sales are just a marketing technique designed to part you from your hard-earned cash. Play it smart. You also need to be careful when using credit or risking an overdraft to take advantage of the sales - sometimes the cost of your debt can end up making your purchase more expensive than simply paying full price when you can afford it.

There you have it: you should now be ready for the month of amazing savings to come. Shop smart and you could pick up some bargains, putting you in a better financial position for the festive season on its way. Hopefully, the surprise expense of finding your favourite item at half price or better doesn’t break the bank. However, if you need a little financial help with your purchase, then you could consider one of our £500 loans to manage these costs.

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