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Eight simple ways to help protect your home

21st March 2023

We all want our home to be a safe space for our family, but knowing how to secure your home affordably can be a challenge. From installing home security systems and upgrading your locks to protecting your outdoor areas and storing keys safely, there's lots of effective and affordable ways to help improve your homes security.

Check out our eight easy ways to help keep our home protected;

  1. Secure your home with smart security systems
  2. Monitor your home with security cameras
  3. Install an outdoor security alarm
  4. Upgrade your window and door locks
  5. Increase your gate and fence security
  6. Secure your outbuildings
  7. Safely store spare keys
  8. Keep valuables out of sight

1. Secure your home with a smart home security system

Home security systems are an effective way to help keep your home safe and secure. A home security system can include various household security features, such as indoor and outdoor cameras, a burglar alarm, entry sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, and a base station. Some home security systems also come with the option to link them to professional monitoring services for added safety.

A smart home security system will include additional smart features, such as wi-fi network connectivity, smart home compatibility, and cloud storage for your data security. Smart security allows for remote access from your smart devices, typically from your mobile phone or other smart home devices, allowing you to monitor or secure your home from afar. Smart security systems can also be linked to an affordable professional monitoring service for extra peace of mind.

Make your security system more affordable by opting for DIY home security system packages. DIY security systems are available in a wide range of affordable options, allowing you to find a security system package that matches your budget. The DIY security system also removes any additional installation costs, allowing you to save while helping keep your home secure.

2. Monitor your home with security cameras

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to secure your home without investing in an entire security system, security cameras could be the way to go. Whether you’re making dinner in the kitchen or away on holiday, an indoor security camera will allow you to keep an eye on your home.

When installing cameras in your home, don't forget about your outside areas. Outdoor security cameras allow you to keep areas such as your garage door, front driveway, or back garden monitored. The obvious presence of an outdoor camera will also act as a deterrent to any attempted breaches into your home.

3. Install an outdorr security alarm

Secure your home by installing a budget-friendly outdoor security alarm system. Outdoor alarm systems use motion detection to ring an alarm when anyone enters your property while the alarm system is activated. The loud noise will allow you to contact emergency services immediately, while also acting as a major deterrent to any suspicious individuals.

DIY home alarm systems are an easy way to set up an affordable outdoor security system. You can easily find a budget-friendly ring alarm security kit to set up your outdoor DIY home alarm system.

4. Update your window and door locks

Easily accessible windows and an unlocked front door offer the perfect way for opportunists to gain access to your home. One easy and affordable way to secure your home is to invest in upgrading the locks on your doors and windows to strong, high-quality locks.

If you’re looking to take your door and window security to the next level, consider installing smart locks. Smart locks are keyless locks designed for doors and windows that offer enhanced security for your home. You can choose a smart lock with an electronic keypad, a biometric sensor, or one that is Bluetooth or wi-fi enabled.

5. Increase gate and fence security

A simple and affordable way to keep your home secure is to take measures to improve your property's gate and fence security. A secure gate and fence will act as your first line of protection against any unwanted individuals entering your property.

To secure your gates and fences, perform a check for any obvious flaws and weaknesses, such as broken wood slats or rusted iron. Repairing any noticeable flaws will prevent easy access to your property by unwanted individuals. Also, check any existing locks on your garden gates for functioning issues, and upgrade to stronger, secure locks if you can.

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6. Secure your outside buildings

An important space in your home to keep secure are your outdoor buildings. Your outbuildings, such as your external garage, bike shed, or garden shed, will be home to valuable items that you’ll want to keep secure.

You can opt for a wide array of budget-friendly security features to make your outbuildings more secure. These include installing a DIY smart security system, outdoor security lights, a Ring alarm, or outdoor cameras.

7. Safely store spare keys

Gone are the days of keeping your extra set of keys 'hidden' under your welcome mat or in your pot plant. To keep your home secure, you need to keep all spare keys in a secure location.

A key safe that is mounted on your external wall is an excellent budget-friendly way to keep your keys secure. A key safe will keep your keys protected in a damage-proof casing, while you and your family members can easily access the keys with a combination code. Mount your key safe on a wall that is hidden from easy view for added key security.

8. Keep valuables out of sight

Before you switch off the lights and head to bed, make sure all your valuables are placed safely out of sight. Valuable items such as laptops, phones, jewellery, and wallets should be removed from the view of any windows to prevent tempting a break-in.

To keep your valuable items away from prying eyes, you can consider purchasing a small home safe. Home safes are available in a wide range of affordable sizes, allowing you to find one that will fit all your valuables within your budget. Using your home safe while you sleep or when you go on holiday is a simple way to protect valuable items in your home.

Protect your home with a home improvement loan

While all of the above home protection methods are designed to be budget-friendly, you may want to take your home security to the next level, such as investing in smart home integrations.

If you’re planning to do this one way to secure the funds you need to improve your home security is with a home improvement loan. A home improvement loan could be an option to help you start making your desired security upgrades to your home.

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